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One Of These Days - Limited 7" 
20th November 2023

Two years ago Øyvind Holm recorded the slightly christmasy “One of These Days”. At the time it was solely released as a digital single. So, every December we try our best to remind people of its existence by reposting the track online. This year, however, we thought we’d give it a bit of an extra push. 


The thing is, our friends at All Good Clean Records have put up their own lathe cutter, which means they are able to cut and deliver small editions of handmade records fresh from their store.This led us to the idea of having an ultra-limited run of fifty “One of These Days” 7”s made.

The records will be delivered in a lovely miniature pizza box, designed by our pedal steel hero Roar Øien at Norsk Emballasje AS. Inside you’ll find the 7” on crystal clear vinyl, each one chronologically numbered according to when in the production chain they were cut. We’ve also included an original Øyvind Holm lino print, a lyric sheet inside a wax sealed envelope, a press photo of the artist taken by Olga Bushueva, and last, but not least a little piece of Santa chocolate. 

The single’s B-side is the non-album track “Winter’s Twilight”. It was recorded in Brygga Studio earlier this month. "Winter's Twilight" can also be found as a bonus track on the newly released digital single, "Paper Tigers". 


For obvious reasons this is a first come first served release. So, if you're interested you'll know what to do....

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